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Posts published in “Dental Insurance”

Selecting An Affordable Dental Plan for Your Family

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What is the best and most affordable family dental insurance plan for me? Finding a family dentist and an affordable dental plan can be a confusing experience. Although there is no one…

Managed Dental Plans

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“Managed” dental care is a great idea. However, many dentists strongly feel that it should be “managed” by their patients, for their benefit – instead of by a dental insurance company for…

Dental Fees

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Fortunately, in these times, a lot of patients have dental insurance. Insurance is, on the face of it, a good thing. It minimizes out-of-pocket expenses for treatment and encourages people…

Choosing Family Dental Insurance For Your Child

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that you and your child are two distinct people with entirely different needs, including dental health needs. When employers label children as dependents, however, they often…