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Posts published in “Family Dentistry”

ental Care Examination

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During a dentistry examination, the dentist examines the mouth mucosa (soft tissues) for any abnormalities or pathology (including oral cancer), the teeth for tooth decay (dental caries) or defects, the…

Toothache – Why Won’t My Tooth Pain Go Away?

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Technology in dentistry now offers attractive options in dental fillings for cavity restorations in dental care. Called composites, these new tooth-colored dental fillings are excellent choices for front teeth and…

New Dental Care Technology And Your Teeth

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The world of modern dentistry is embracing exciting advances in technology for increased patient comfort, care, and convenience. Here are some ways dentistry is taking oral care into the new…

How Pregnancy Affects Your Dental Care

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Thinking about your baby and prenatal care is normal during pregnancy; however, thinking about your oral health and dental care may not be forefront on your mind, but dentistry is still very…