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Posts published in “orthodontic dentistry”

How do I know if I need orthodontics?

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What is a “bad bite”? When you have a malocclusion or “bad bite,” you have a dental or facial irregularity that causes your teeth to be improperly aligned. Orthodontics is…

What happens at an orthodontic examination?

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Dr. Pacifico: what should my child and I expect during the initial exam? Evaluating your child’s mouth prior to orthodontic work is much like a regular dental exam, except that…

How do I care for my new orthodontic braces?

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Oral hygiene is even more important when your mouth is loaded with the bands, brackets, and wires of orthodontia. Sure, it’s tougher to brush your teeth. But brushing well is…

When should my child get orthodontic braces?

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Every child is different, but, at Pacifico Dental Care LLC we use the simple guideline that children should be examined at the time their permanent teeth are beginning to come…